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We are a team of volunteers who put some time each week into the ministry. We’d love you to join us and grow our teams to spread the word.

To provide a hope-filled journey from prostitution to new life in Jesus Christ


We keep prayer central. There is an active online prayer group through which you can receive updates, join online prayer meetings, pray during team outreaches and pray for women in rehab and follow up.

Coordinator – Ntombi Sithole
cell: 061 865 3742

Prayer WhatsApp Group – regular updates for prayer
Send your name and cell number to Ntombi to join the group. This involves receiving updates for prayer, praying individually and responding as prompted.

Prayer Meeting on Zoom – Wednesdays at 7:45am
We get together (digitally) to pray every Wednesday morning 7.45-8.45 am.
Send your name and cell number to Ntombi to join the calls and pray with us.
It’s a time to hear more detailed updates from outreach and follow up, to pray from scripture and prompted by holy spirit, and on the last Wednesday of the month sharing in communion together, on zoom, and led by one of the pastors from 3 of the churches involved in WOTS.


We go out and share love and hope by meeting and building relationships with the women. We also invite the women to join us at the church for a warm meal and a safe place.

Coordinator – Emma Brewster
cell: 079 016 7611

Main Road Outreach – Thursdays at 8pm
Small group of women and men head out on Thursday evening meeting at CCK at 8pm for preparation in prayer, and then at 9pm walk along Main Road, chatting to and praying with women involved in prostitution. The women talk with the women, the men pray a key role in prayer and observing and watching the street. If you are unable to join the team in person you can pray from home for the group as they reach out.

Dinner Outreach – First Thursdays at 7pm
First Thursday of each month we host an outdoor dinner at Christchurch inviting people off the street to join us, from 7:00pm. The team meets up from 6:30pm The evening involves both men and women, meeting in separate groups. Housechurch groups can be involved by cooking a meal and if possible join the dinner team to serve the meal. It’s a wonderful time to meet, chat, pray with, relax doing a craft together, and share the truth of the gospel.

Follow Up

We stay involved in the lives of the women to be there for them on their journey with Christ. Sometimes a prayer and sometimes we find a shelter and rehab.

Coordinator – Di Hewitson
cell: 082 850 1981

Follow up means being involved with women who really want to get out of prostitution. They may or may not have made a commitment to Jesus. We work as a team and so you will not be left alone to do something you don’t feel equipped to do. Here are just a few of the opportunities (if you are interested contact Di for more information):

Quick one off tasks:
– transport to a clinic, to church etc
– assisting with one off requests – posted in monthly CCK Connect
– handyman skills

Longer term / more in depth tasks:
– Assisting with accessing specific needs for a specific woman. eg: phoning for shelter accommodation, collecting warm clothing and bedding, used cell phones, moving accommodation.
– Assistance in the area of addiction – counselling, accessing support groups, prayer
– 1 to 1 discipling of a specific woman – meeting up once every 2 weeks to encourage faith in every day life, being a friend and helping her to feel welcome in the church
– Screening interviews, done in pairs – meeting and hearing the story of a specific woman who wants to change her life. Encouraging her, praying with her and discussing possible first steps.

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