A hope-filled journey from prostitution to new life in Christ.


Our Vision

A hope-filled journey from prostitution to new life in Christ.

To see women trapped in sex work, make hope filled choices towards freedom from the world, into new life with Christ.

About Us

Our Values

The love of Christ compels us to pray, speak God’s truth, offer belonging and family, empowering women trapped in prostitution with commitment through struggle while partnering with others in Christ.

Pray and depend on the Holy Spirit
We keep prayer central, trusting the Spirit’s power to break the strongholds of addiction, leading to healing and restoration.

Speak God’s truth and listen
The Word of God is living and active, guiding us in real and relevant ways. We commit to listening to God and to each woman, speaking truth into their lives.

Offer God’s love, belonging and family
Showing love by inviting women into God’s family, encouraging the local church to be welcoming so that each one can find their place in the body of Christ.

Commit to the messy journey
We recognise that leaving a life of prostitution and moving into the light is a complex journey. We are committed to that journey for the long haul.

Empower each woman to make hope-filled choices
We seek to speak hope, share opportunities and encourage each woman to take responsibility for choosing her next step.

Recognise that salvation comes from Christ and not us
This is Christ’s ministry, and so we actively encourage each woman to put their faith and trust in Him.

Partner with the local church and key organisations
Journeying together as members of local churches, we commit to working together in God’s Kingdom.

Our Teams

We are a team of volunteers who put time each week into the ministry. We’d love to grow our team to spread the workload. Contact us if you’d like to support by volunteering or if you or your church would like help support some full-time staff.


We keep prayer central. There is an active online prayer group through which you can receive updates, join online prayer meetings, pray during team outreaches and pray for women in rehab and followup.

If you would like to be a part of the prayer group, send us your details and we can include you.


One evening a week, small groups of men and women walk Main Road, meeting and building relationships with women, sharing God’s love and praying with them.
The interaction is usually relaxed and natural.

The women are invited to monthly outreach dinners, which provide a warm and safe place to get to know each other better. We encourage house churches to help with meals and assist with hosting dinners.

Follow Up

Once a woman expresses that she would like to leave prostitution, we support her on the journey. This generally involves finding a safe shelter and rehabilitation from substance abuse, encouraging her to attend a local church, ministering to her, and helping prepare her for work.

Opportunities for involvement include assisting with healthcare, counseling, ministry, transport, preparing CVs, sharing of skills, tutoring, job seeking, mentoring and more, among the many areas of holistic rehab.

Become a Volunteer

We appreciate enthusiastic team members or part time volunteers to help bring hope to others.