WOTS Christmas Dinner

Once a month we pool resources and invite home groups to help us host ladies and men for a meal.
It’s a time to connect, get to know each other and minister to them and hopefully bring them into followup. We are currently preparing for our final dinner before Christmas and would love if you can help us make it special.

We plan to host a braai at Christ Church Kenilworth and here is what’s needed to make that happen:

Hands and feet: We have a decent number of people already but you are welcome to volunteer to help in the kitchen, with braaing, serving meals, prepping gifts, etc.
Please also invite homeless between Claremont and Wynberg if you come across them in coming weeks and please also be praying.
Meat, cool drinks, snacks, bread rolls and salads (green, potato and/or pasta salads). Ice Cream, possibly in cones for desert.
Take away containers (provided food must arrive in a disposable container please) and decorations
We are hoping to provide a small, practical or food gift to guests.
Quantities: We expect to serve about 40 people. If requesting salads from friends/ home-group connections ask for salad enough for 10-15 people. Therefore, we could split the load.
How to Contribute? Please contact +27 73 222 2607 available on WhatsApp or use our contact form. Some items may already be provided, so do check with us first. If there is nothing more to contribute and you’d still like to support, financial donations are an option.
When?: 6th December. Team to meet at Christ Church Kenilworth 18:00 and guests to arrive between 19:00 and 19:30. Dinner to be served 20:00

Soup-er Outreach

Help Word on the Street (WOTS) let our street-based friends and neighbours know we haven’t forgotten about them!

We are going to go out and share some soup with those that would usually grab a bit to eat with us on the 5 August 2021.

Hard lockdown in 2020 was a time of great pain, fear and disconnection and was especially felt by our friends in the WOTS ministry. As our teams were unable to go on outreach or to host dinners, we had to find ways of letting our friends know that they were still loved and cared for. We did this in many creative and loving ways … but we were so grateful when we were able to return to weekly outreach and monthly dinners.

The dinners have been held outside CCK around fires in Covid compliant ways monthly since July last year. Our guests have expressed how much these times of connection, prayer and being the church together means to them. It means a lot to us as the WOTS team too. While WOTS is a ministry that focuses on healing and pathways out of prostitution, at our dinners, we welcome anyone from the neighbourhood, men and women, who live and work on the streets. (read more about what we do)

While cape Town is still battling the third wave and we wait until a safer time to gather, we want to make sure that our friends know we have not forgotten them.

Several ways to help:

  • Cook a pot of soup for the outreach team to take on their next outreach (5 August)
  • Join the WOTS outreach team to deliver take-away soup to our friends on the street at their next outreach (5 August)
  • Donate towards the WOTS account to help with extra needs during this lockdown and winter. (banking details

Please contact:

  • Caroline Powell on 084 859 1669 for details to offer any of the above assistance